Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hummus - a new favorite

Let me be honest, I've tried to like hummus for YEARS!!  Literally, for years now I've purchased those small containers at groceries, hoping that I'd find one, just one, that I could fall in love with.  It never happened, I just couldn't like anything I ever tried.

I had officially given up on ever purchasing another container of hummus, decision made...I was done trying.

Then I happened to notice the hummus on the Mellow Mushroom appetizer menu.  I don't know exactly what prompted me to try but we ordered it & it finally happened, I feel in love, absolutely in love.  And what is even better for me, our kids feel in love.  Long story short, that day inspired me to try to make my own.  Here's what I've come up with.

I use:
Two cans Garbanzo beans - one completely drained, one half drained
Juice from half a lemon
A great drizzle of olive oil - probably 1.5 tablespoons
2 cloves garlic - you can roast these before hand or just ad them raw, depends on if you are in a hurry & how you like your garlic - some people aren't that crazy about the raw taste.
2 teaspoons of Tahini  - This could be the hardest to find - I have to go to Kroger's "Nature Market" to find it in my area of the world.  It is a sesame seed paste, similar to peanut butter consistency.
Salt & Paprika to taste

Here's the difficult process, hope you're ready.....add everything into your blender or food processor & process until it is completely blended together.

Here's a look at my lunch for today.

I scoop it up with toasted whole wheat pita wedges.  I buy the pita pockets, throw them in the toaster while I'm blending, then slice them into wedges.  This recipe makes several snacks/lunches around here, depending on how hungry everyone is....I'd say it would probably make at least four to five lunch bowls like this.  

By the way, I have stuck to my decision about never buying store hummus again.  This stuff is too good & too easy not to try.  The hardest part is probably just keeping the ingredients in your pantry.  

If any of you more experienced hummus readers are reading these, I'd love to have some tips on what else you add to your hummus to rev up the flavor.  Please comment!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Today is a reclaiming day....

Anyone ever need a reclaiming day?  That is exactly what is going on around here today.  Piles of laundry folded, kitchen counter finally clean & so much more to be done.  It won't all get done in a day, it certainly didn't all happen in one day.  

I did get three dozen eggs washed.

I also gave all of our iron skillets a quick seasoning. 
They have been so abused lately, they needed the extra attention.
I guess this would be like a nice rejuvenating facial for your cookware.

The old timers say it is absolutely the best for seasoning up iron skillets, so that's what I'm using.
I know it might seem odd to admire the texture of lard, but I really am amazed at how different this looks compared to store bought lard.  Of course I know exactly what this pig was fed & it ate basically what we ate for it's entire life.

This is my favorite picture of our pigs from last spring. 
Sunning in the hay.