Monday, May 2, 2011

Ky weather & turkey soup

The sudden drop in temperature here has made it a soup night at our house.  I had a Ziploc bag of leftover turkey & broth that I pulled out of the freezer & dropped straight into a soup kettle.  I got inspiration from Michael Chiarello's "next day turkey soup" recipe.  I loved the idea of adding the fresh sage to the soup - but since there isn't any available here now I used rosemary & thyme to substitute that missing depth of flavor.  Also, since this was the "next day" after Thanksgiving I didn't have leftover veggies, so I chopped up fresh mushrooms, carrots, celery & spinach to add.  I also added about a cup of uncooked rice.  And, of course the essential 2 bay leaves.  It was wonderful!