Thursday, March 10, 2011


Tonight we made doughnuts from scratch - Dara & I & even Tony took part in the production. This was a personal first for me - I have never made doughnuts. We followed the linked recipe below & they were marvelous.

There were a few personal scary moments for me while the doughnuts were actually frying.  Why?  Because I don't fry foods - people who are close to me know this.  Dealing with that much hot oil was honestly scary to me & I was glad when the process was complete.

Dara dusted the doughnuts with regular sugar which was our only departure from the actual recipe.  We were just using what we had.  Dara is actually the one who initiated this entire project tonight - she was on the search for something sweet & she really enjoys the cooking process when she has time.  I was totally in to whatever she wanted to do b/c I love spending time with her in the kitchen.  Really I enjoy spending time with her anywhere!!