Thursday, September 23, 2010

147 vs 99

There are 99 days left in the year & 147 meals left to prepare.
Even though this looks grim, I'm NOT giving up!

Meals 136-153

Wow - the last few weeks have been GREAT and busy & did I mention busy??  We've been swamped with farmer's market, football & soccer squeezing in a little time away too.  Here's what I'm going to do - if I can remember a meal - I'll claim it.  Even though they might be out of order.  And, I'm proud to say that even in the "busy"ness of the last few weeks we have still eaten at home more than not!! 

Meal 136 - Smoked sausage roasted over a campfire (Just me & Tony in a cabin in Tennessee!) & funyuns of course!
Meal 137 - Grilled pizza over that same campfire - thanks to my girls who say that summer camp grilled pizza is the greatest ever - without their thoughts we might not have tried that.
Meal 138 - Biscuits on a stick - made over that same campfire - these are my absolute favorite campfire treat.  Learned this trick from "camping certification" training when I was a Girl Scout leader.  Whittle down a wider stick than you would for a normal hot dog or marshmallow.  Take a canned biscuit, pull it until it is long and narrow, grease the end of your stick with butter, then wrap that biscuit around the end of the stick in a spiral.  Brown it slowly over some of the fires coals, then you can pull it off the stick and you have a perfect little pocket to fill with butter & jelly or even ham and cheese!!
Meal 139 & 140- Omelettes - we've eaten scrambled eggs and omelettes at least twice in the last couple of weeks.
Meal 141 - Fried pork chops, mashed potatoes, corn, biscuits & gravy.
Meal 142 - Biscuits, gravy, sausage, eggs & tomatoes.
Meal 143 - Meatloaf & squash casserole (Paula Deen's recipe of
Meal 144 - Refried Beans, tomatoes, cheese & onions - with tortillas.
Meal 145 - Grilled cheese & chips.
Meal 146 - Potato Soup & Tomato Soup - this was one night when I prepared these soups for our families at church.  We are having a free family meal each Wednesday before discipleship.
Meal 147 - Loaded baked potatoes.
Meal 148 - Chili
Meal 149 - frozen pizza - not much to count there - but I am going to count it!
Meal 150 - Lasagna
Meal 151 - Sloppy Joes & potatoes
Meal 152 - Grits with bacon & cheese
Meal 153 - Cheeseburgers & grits

That's a 28 day catch up & 18 meals counted.  That's not too bad really.  Each Wednesday night we are eating at that means that we've really just eaten out 5 or 6 times or I've forgotten the meal.  It's WAY better than I've done in the past....even though it's sad that I'm just halfway to my goal!!